Design Verticals

The rationale of Architecture Basics has always been simplicity in design approach. We focus on four verticals- user centric design for effective and flexible layouts; eco-sensitive construction practices minimizing our carbon footprint; thoughtful use of proportions, patterns and textures inspired from nature which form the fundamental framework of design aesthetics and We believe in using the technique or style that is characterized by spareness and simplicity. Functional requirements remain the main focus with due regard to climatic parameters, especially the indoor climate, ventilation and natural light are of paramount importance.Our design approach has followed a similar guideline whether we design a factory building, a residence, a commercial space or an interior facility. The climatic parameters have always been the starting point. Our philosophy, especially in residential design (primarily in hot and humid Indian conditions), has increasingly been governed by improving the indoor comfort condition through natural means. The plan forms are developed with ample scope for cross ventilation. In addition, we also advocate the use of appropriate technology in building practices and material coupled with traditional vernacular wisdom with the hope that the resultant design solution is sustainable and Eco-friendly.

image representing style of architecture using greenery in work. Virtual green space concept.

Sustainable Practices

Ecology of the area derive's the design, and the intention of sustainable design is to "eliminate the negative environmental impact completely through skillful and sensitive designs".

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User Centric Approach

In depth planning and social patterns are studied and incorporated in the design process to generate unique experiences and form user-centric spaces.

Unique and innovative design concept for each project by best architectural firm in indore.


Natural proportions and complex geometric patterns form the framework of design process thus rendering a unique aesthetic design language.

minimalistic approach for architecture by Architecture basics in indore


The design language is minimal with flexibility of different uses creating an austere image. An empty space yet fullness is the feel, allowing to see the space as it is.