architecture drawing for residential and commercial spaces by architecture basics.

Design Practice

Whether its designing wayfinding systems to aid navigation or specifying acoustic furniture in a collaboration space, design practice brings visual coherency to architecture and can enhance a sense of place and identity. We practice ‘design as process’ which makes us best in visualising the architecture required for the space.The very nature of making of a project and the varied processes to do so, from inception to completion and beyond, is seen as an important and defining working method within our studio.

Taking a holistic approach our designers work closely with our architects to integrate lighting, artwork, furniture, fabrics, colour and materials into built form, right down to the finest detail.At an initial stage storytelling places an important part of the design which then translates into a narrative of structure, space and construction. We are always excited to be able to design and deliver complete solutions, which meet our clients' aspirations. This includes supporting clients in the selection of structural design, choice of material for construction, furnitures, fixtures and equipment, from initial briefing and consultation, through to specification and procurement.

The design process is communicated through a mix of conceptual sketches, presentation drawings, sketch models, digital modeling, evolutionary diagrams and prototyping.With best architects and interior designers in Indore, the design division also works independently of our architecture services, producing fresh, responsive solutions that enliven spaces and promote wellbeing.


Architecture Basics’ working method practices a simultaneous exploration of traditional handicraft and cutting edge digital technology, a complementary relationship that drives creative process. We approach the challenges of design by cultivating ideas. Strong ideas are at the heart of all meaningful projects. Ideas allow us to create architecture that heightens human awareness and expands understanding of the power and purpose of design.The function of tools like digital, cloud, sketch, modeling is to foster creativity and understanding. The tools we employ vary for each project

We make sure that we are able to draw advanced computation and rapid prototyping skills that allow innovation in design and make best interior designs and architecture for commercial spaces, residential and corporate projects.

Simultaneously our making process includes co-working with joinery tools, metal workers, artisans’ and craftsmen to create a fluid working process that brings the best of the old and new techniques together.

working style and design breifs at architecture basics in Indore.

eco friendly virtual green spaces by architecture basics.

Our Environment

Environmental practices are inseparable from our overall design process. Our approach encourages idea sharing and collaboration on best practices with all project participants.As best architects and interior designers in Indore from the 21st century we constantly think of our environment as a single global planet that we live on with limited resources, that automates to our dedication in seeing resourcefulness as a key driver both in design and performance.

Since we also work across different cultures we prefer to think laterally when it comes to sustainable solutions as we greatly believe in working with low tech to achieve higher impacts.

Along with that we look into nature and constantly study its ingenious efficiencies and behaviours which we like to bring in our design practice making up modern home designs at all levels, at times as a bold structural idea or as spatial flow diagram or as a detail in assembling 1:1 pieces.

Our Space

Our studio is a warm, welcoming, collaborative as well as an engaging space. We are a lateral organisational structure with an open plan office, allowing everyone within the team to interact on a constant basis.We highly focus in developing residential(home) designs and designs for commercial and corporate spaces.

Lunchtimes are seen as central aspect to our studio life, where everyone sits together for an hour thriving on all sorts of lively discussions over a common homemade style lunch.

Each person within the studio brings their own unique perspective and is encouraged to develop their own interests and research, be it music, philosophy, art or economics, we believe it adds depth to the design process and ultimately reflects in the overall body of work that is produced within the studio.This comfortable working environment brings out the best architect in each one of us.

Being based in India we get to bring the best of these cultures together. Exchanging and sharing key skills and individual insights adds to the richness of our creative process.

office of architecture basics in indore.